Tackling the Studio Closet

Better Homes & Gardens

I am still contemplating my studio. As I’ve mentioned before, the under-the-stairs closet is the hangup. It’s become a bit of a catch-all. It houses boxes for electronics that I know I may want to resell someday. It serves as a carry over pantry (since I don’t have a pantry) for things like soda and dog food. Both of those purposes can, and probably should be shifted elsewhere.  I think the biggest problem is that I’ve never named it’s purpose. There are two things it must do:

  1. It must be able to store the vacuum and the steam cleaner;
  2. It must serve as tornado shelter (it’s the only “room” in the interior of the first floor).

In addition to the two must-have purposes, I think, since it is in the studio, it should be a place to store office supplies and maybe the networked printer. There are some things cluttering up my desk that can be probably relocated to that closet. It could also house some of my yarn and craft supplies that are currently taking over the small bedroom upstairs.


Martha Stewart Living™ Craft Space Storage Cabinet at Home Decorators

When I saw this Martha Stewart Storage Cabinet on Pinterest, I thought maybe it would make a good storage unit for the closet. Alas, it’s way too big. I would like to find something similar to store the printer and paper supplies.


DecorPad via Pinterest

This closet makes me think that maybe I’ve been using the space all wrong. I’m currently using the sides of the closet (right and left as you look in the door) but haven’t really used the space directly in front on me. I think I will consider this when organizing it. It is wider than it is deep so maybe that’s the way to go. Whatever I do, I need to figure out a system that will not have me constantly banging my head on the ceiling.


Metal Baking Racks Provide Paper Storage at Better Homes & Gardens


Decorative Plate Racks Hold File Sorters at Better Homes & Gardens


Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens 


Better Homes & Gardens has lots of good ideas. Going vertical is a must. In addition to some shelves or a small cabine, pegboard and some other hanging storage would be awesome.

I’m going to begin by removing everything and making a final determination what will live there. I’ll keep you posted. Have you managed to convert a catch-all closet into something useful?

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