The List: An Update

The List: An Update |


A couple of years ago I wrote a post that included a partial list of things that I want to do – a kind of bucket list. After celebrating a birthday and thinking about the impending “big” birthday that’s only a couple of years away, I’ve been thinking about that list and what I want to add to it. Part of the original list included:

  • Master Chopin’s Nocturne No.1 in B flat minor, Op.9 No.1 – I grew up playing the piano, but large chunks of my life when I haven’t laid my hands on the keys. Since writing that goal, I have not mastered the piece, but I play pretty regularly and am still working towards it.
  • Learn to use the manual settings on my camera – I shoot in manual mode most of the time. I wouldn’t say that I’ve mastered it, but I’ve made a lot of progress. I plan on doing another August Break this year and hope to really concentrate on my photography during August.
  • Learn to shoot (a gun, not a camera) – A few months ago, a very sweet friend was kind enough to teach me to shoot. One afternoon at the shooting range does not an expert make, but I’m definitely better than I was before that trip. Another trip is definitely in order.
  • Run a 5K – I’m not sure that I can really say I’ve done this. I completed a 5K when I did the Color Run with my niece last year, but we didn’t run the whole thing (I’m not sure it’s possible to run an entire Color Run unless you’re the first in line). My interest in running has waned – maybe I’ll get it back this Fall.
  • Go skydiving – This is definitely still on the list. Maybe I join George Bush’s birthday club – hopefully before I hit 75.

Here are a few I’ve added:

  • Develop a habit of daily meditation/yoga – I’ve been pretty good about using the Calm app and taking a 10 minute meditation break each day. I definitely feel less anxious (very possibly the reason my interest in running has waned). I did a yoga class at my church last month and loved it! I want to begin incorporating yoga with my daily meditation.
  • Learn some basic electrical skills – I have a new light fixture that I want to install and also a couple of lamps that need to be rewired. Both should be pretty straight-forward, simple DIY projects.
  • Take the train to Fort Worth – This is something I’ve wanted to do since the Heartland Flyer began running in 1999. This is on tap for later this summer. I’m looking forward to it.
  • Take a calculus class – I loved math in high school; unfortunately, Calculus my freshman year of college killed that love. Apparently that was the same year the local universities began using a new method that nobody understood (including the teachers and the people at the Math Learning Resource Center). I ended up dropping the class and have always wanted to master it. I hope my math skills haven’t declined too much to do it. I’m planning to take it on Coursera.
  • Learn Simple as it Should Be on the guitar – I took a guitar class at my church last Fall and made a little progress. I really wanted to play this song but even the teacher couldn’t play one of the chords. I’m going to keep working at it until I master it.

In addition to these, I also want to continue simplifying my household (purge, purge, purge) and become a master calligrapher. Those two efforts will be ongoing; I hope to post frequent progress reports. What’s on your list?

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