This Week’s Shopping Trip

After spending 45 minutes staring at my circulars and coupons yesterday, I opted to skip CVS this week. I had a $4 off $20 purchase that expired yesterday so it was a hard decision. I was tempted to go for the “Spend $30 on P&G Products & Get $10 in ECB’s” offer, but when I’ve done those in the past it never felt like I got a good deal. There are rarely high dollar coupons on the items I want. And the toilet paper deals are always on the regular rolls which don’t seem to last very long. So this week I opted to shop at Target and save those ECB’s for better deals.


2 Packages of Zyrtec (each containing 5 pills)
1 12 pack Dr. Pepper
1 package Toilet Paper (18 double rolls)


2 $4 off Zyrtec Store Coupons
1 $6 off 2 Zyrtec Manufacturer Coupons
$0.75 off Up & Up Bath Tissue Store Coupon
$0.05 off for using a reusable bag

I paid $9.10 (plus tax) out of pocket. I got an overage on this deal – meaning the Zyrtec manufacturer coupons that I used were worth more than I paid for the product. I got the Zyrtec and the Dr. Pepper for free, plus a few cents off the toilet paper. Target’s coupon policy is a little vague in this area. They don’t give cash back, but if you buy other items, they will often apply the overage to those items. Because there’s an overage, the clerk is asked by the system to manually enter the coupon. Sometimes they will enter the whole amount; sometimes they will enter only the amount that’s still owed (after the store coupon) on the item. Fortunately, the clerk entered the entire $6.00. I think this is how it should be, because Target will be reimbursed by the manufacturer for that entire $6.00.

If I had not purchased the toilet paper, I would have only had to pay the tax, but sometimes you need toilet paper, whether it’s the best deal or not. I’ve never had much luck working free deals on toilet paper. The best deals I’ve seen on toilet paper involve purchasing the cheap scratchy brands. I’m happy with my generic Target paper. Some regions apparently received a $1.00/2 Charmin coupon in Sunday’s P&G coupon book. If you have that coupon, there is also $2.00/1 Target store coupon available; combining those two coupons and the $5 Target giftcard offer would make a pretty good deal on TP.

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