Winter Capsule Wardrobe Update

I intended to do an update on my 500 things challenge today but even though I’m sure I have collected more than 500 things, I have not actually removed them from the house. I have a bag of clothes and boxes of books I want to attempt to sell, as well as a box of stuff to donate to Habitat for Humanity. I also have a big bin of craft supplies that I’m not quite finished filling that I want to sell on Craigslist. The weather has been so gloomy here I haven’t felt like dragging stuff all over town. I’m hoping to get on that this weekend and have a final update next week.

Today I want to do a bit of an update on my winter capsule wardrobe and how it’s working for me. I still really love the concept and overall it is working pretty well. I think it’s helping me hone in on my style and what I feel comfortable wearing. There’s definitely not room for stuff I don’t really like.

Since I’ve been doing this capsule, I began working at a different office. When I selected the capsule, I wasn’t sure what people wore at my new job or what the temperature would be like. The atmosphere at this job is a bit more casual than my last job and unfortunately, I don’t get to control the thermostat like I did there. My office in particular is very warm. So I’ve found that several of my sweaters are just too hot. I think the natural fiber ones work the best.  I am eliminating the hotter ones and also a couple that haven’t fared so well. The navy Loft sweater was a joke. It shed more than anything I’ve ever owned. I’m surprised there’s anything left. I loved the pink sweater but it has shrunk so much over the winter that I don’t like to wear it anymore. I’m also eliminating the black floral dress. It’s not as versatile as I’d hoped. My go-to items are definitely my striped sweater, black & white cardigan, gray sweatshirt dress, green dress, black pants and my three pairs of jeans.

The weather hasn’t really arrived at spring but my heart has, so I have unpacked my spring clothes and have gradually been mixing them in to make the transition. I have also ordered a few items in the winter closeout sales: a new navy sweater, a pair of olive pants, and a navy dress. I don’t plan to buy much for spring. I am definitely on the lookout for some white pants and a couple of tops. I suspect that my office might be cold once the air conditioner is turned on, so I don’t think I will finalize the spring capsule until I have a better feel for what to expect.

Have you tried a capsule wardrobe? How has it worked for you?

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